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        2. The Mayor of Changchun Visit Changchun BCHT
          發布時間:2021-03-01 16:16

          On February 25, 2021, Zhang Zhijun, Deputy Secretary of Changchun Municipal Committee of the CPC and Mayor of Changchun, and his delegation visit BCHT for research. Dr. Kong Wei, General Manager of BCHT, warmly receives the municipal leaders.

          In production workshop, vice-general manager Wei Wei introduces the production flow. General manager Kong Wei reports the R&D status for new products, production capacity and sales situation of current products to the mayor. The mayor inquiry about the differences and advantages between Influenza Vaccine, Live, Nasal, Freeze-dried and traditional injection Influenza Vaccine. The mayor affirm the scientific research and innovation ability of BCHT, and hope that BCHT will continue improving its scientific and technological research and development ability, continue innovating and upgrading, strictly focus on product quality, and constantly improve the overall strength of the enterprise and its position in the industry, so as to make greater contributions for promoting regional economic development and biopharmaceutical industry.


          General Manager Kong Wei reports to the mayor



          Vice-general Manager Wei Wei introduces the production flow

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